Security Doors and Screens Brisbane

Did you know that you can make your Brisbane area home or business as secure as Fort Knox without any visually intrusive security measures? In fact, your security screens and doors can even enhance the appearance of a building.

Although they look great, we choose products that are also incredibly strong, and if you want really beefed up security, we can supply security doors with triple-locking mechanisms that will frustrate any burglar to the point where he will just pack it in and go looking for an easier target.

You want to be safe, but you also don’t want to feel like a prisoner surrounded by ugly bars. That’s where we come into the picture. Allow us to visit your premises, and we will discuss all the available options.

Our wide range of colours, designs and functional options will give you the freedom to choose the best look for your home or business, allowing you to feel safe without feeling confined.

Impact Tested, Jemmy-Proof Screens and Doors

Sturdy installation ensures that there’s no way around the lock, and that lock has all the muscle you need to keep unwanted intruders out, even when they are armed with crowbars or jemmies!

Choose security screens that have been:

  • Impact tested
  • Knife shear tested
  • Jemmy-proof

Burglars like an easy job, so ensure that your premises don’t look welcoming to them. Any criminal who has encountered our security screens and security doors before will take one look and go in search of easier pickings.

Are your doors an unusual size? That doesn’t have to be a problem. We can custom-make security doors and screens to measure. Call us for a quote today. We’ll assess your needs and calculate a customized quotation. There’s more to this Brisbane Locksmith than just locks!

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