Master Key System Brisbane

There’s more to Master Key systems than meets the eye. The one benefit that most people already know about is the fact that you don’t need a zillion keys on your keyring. One key can unlock all the doors in a building.

What they don’t know, is that not everyone needs to have the master key. Let’s say you have employees who are only entitled to enter certain parts of a building, but not all of them. Their keys are customized to only open the doors or gates to areas they are authorized to access.

This makes key management a lot easier, and you don’t have to worry about staff members scratching around in parts of the building where they have no business to be or accessing confidential documents you want to protect.

How secure are master key systems?

  • Specifically designed keys can only be obtained from the locksmith who designed your master key system.
  • You will nominate one or more people who have authority to have keys cut. Nobody else can get a key copy, even if they know where to get one.
  • The locks have a restricted keyway, so the wrong key can never open them.
  • The key blanks are patented and only one manufacturer can produce and distribute them.
  • You can keep detailed records of who has been issued with which keys.

Master Keying versus Keying Alike

As you can probably see by now, a master key system is completely different to keying alike. The former does mean that the business owner or manager can use a single key to open all doors, but other keys will not have the same range, and will only be used to open specific locks.

Key that Can Open Many Doors

Alike keying, on the other hand, means having one key to unlock all doors. There are no access control variations. They can be a practical solution for smaller businesses and homes, but are not true master key systems.

Would you like to know more about master key systems in Brisbane? Let us visit your premises to answer your questions and assess your needs.